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On Aaj Tak

History tends to forget, and to diminish. Despite their immense cultural contribution, the courtesans of India never really got their due. It is perhaps only through stories, that we can keep the memories of those incredible women alive - on Aaj Tak radio

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The Telegraph

"Author Ekta Kumar who loves “art, conversations and music” tells t2 all about her first book, Box of Lies"


On Aaj Tak

On Aaj Tak - Talking about money matters, and fiercely independent women. The courtesans of the colonial era. 

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On Red FM 93.5

On Air, talking about Box of Lies and the theatrical reading in Kolkata. The beats of the tabla bring to life, an era long lost, - scenes from a dilapidated kotha, the chaos of partition and love stories that get entangled and lost.

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Writers Melon

Interview with Writers Melon on Box of Lies

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